5 Ways CBD Helps With Workout Recovery

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Janie is from Austin Texas. She always liked working out — even in the searing heat of Texas summer. .

Janie is also a 45-year-old mom of two. And between parenting, her professional career, and her fitness goals, something had to give….so she started exercising less. Training for her next marathon took a temporary backseat.

We’ve all been there. And though Janie felt her fitness levels falling, she didn’t know what to do — until now.

That’s because Janie’s finally found the support she needs with GUD BODY’s Recovery line. It’s reduced her stress levels, enhanced her focus, and gotten her sleeping better than she has in years.

After a few days of consistent use, guess what? Janie noticed her energy coming back. She was able to perform well at work, even on those energy-vampire projects…soon enough, she began to want to exercise again.

Janie is still getting back into it. But she has a new race on her 2020 calender…and a renewed passion to get back to her best running form. The difference was GUD BODY’s athlete-specific CBD. It allowed her to rise above equilibrium and do more than get by. Janie is truly thriving.

CBD For You

Maybe you can relate to Janie’s story. Or maybe you find your body’s natural limitations fighting you, even with the perfect training plan. We can relate. Thankfully, CBD has just as good of a chance to benefit you.

How? Here are 5 proven ways:

Reduced inflammation | CBD may reduce inflammation by helping the body give more attention to inflamed areas. It works through everything from endocannabinoid receptors to something called the TRPV-1 system!

Reduced pain | CBD may also reduce pain levels. How? Likely by ‘quieting down’ noisy nerves…and reducing pain-causing inflammation in the first place. That’s what we’ve experienced, at least.

Improved endurance | Studies show CBD may improve fat-burning, which means good things for all you endurance athletes out there. Fat is a stable, efficient fuel source — so by using CBD, you can keep yourself energized throughout even long-distance workouts, bike rides, or runs.

Better sleep | Sleep has been called the ultimate performance-enhancing drug for a reason. Athletes who sleep better recover better…and athletes who recover better come back stronger the next time. By regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, CBD may help with exactly that.

Better focus | Sports aren’t just physical — no, mental clarity and focus are critical for any athlete. Athletes who take CBD often find their cognitive function taken up a notch.

Premium CBD, Ultra Convenience

It used to be that finding the type of pure CBD products responsible for these benefits was…difficult, to say the least. But not anymore. GUDBODY’s Recover Premium CBD Oil is organic, sustainable, and non-GMO.

GUDBODY’s Recovery line is also able to guarantee less than 0.3% THC through a patented technology. Their purification process completely filters out waxes and chlorophyll — all while maintaining powerful cannabinoids (like CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBN, CBC) and terpenes.

If you haven’t already…consider GUDBODY CBD. It might just be the single most important thing you do for your fitness and health.

1. Best CBD Oil for Recovery

Gud Body Recovery Hemp Oil

Product Type: CBD Concentrate
Concentration:  25 mg Cannabidiol/Serving this 750 mg bottle. Avgs 30 Servings
Recommended Serving Size: A grain-of-rice-sized portion (used once or twice daily)
Available Sizes: 30 mL
Flavors: OrangePraised for its effectiveness and quality, the Gud Body Recovery Hemp Oil is our number-one rated bestseller. With no fillers and just pure orange delicious taste flavors, it’s a worthy winner of the Best CBD Oil for the Recovery Title.

2. Best CBD Oil for Wellness

Healthy Blend By Movida Oils

Product Type: CBD Concentrate
Concentration: 25 mg Cannabidiol/Serving this 750 mg bottle. Avgs 30 Servings
  • Full Dropper = 20 Drops = 10mg CBD
  • Half Dropper = 10 Drops = 5mg CBD
  • Quarter Dropper = 5 Drops = 2.5mg CBD
Available Sizes: 30 mL
Flavors: No FlavorThe Healthy Blend Tincture was created as a viable alternative to our 15mg Pure Crystalline Capsules and contains No THC. For those that either don’t want to or can’t swallow capsules, a full dropper of the Healthy Blend Tincture is roughly equal to a 15mg Crystalline Capsule… with the same effect. The Healthy Blend Tincture is very versatile. It can be used at either end of the day for general maintenance. But, the tincture bottles are also small enough to take with you… making it easy to “micro-dose” during the day on an as-needed basis.


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