CBD for Entrepreneurs: A Hidden Edge?

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Attention entrepreneurs! You might soon have a new favorite all

Because let’s face it: staying above the rising tides of running your own business(es) can be tough. Even the best entrepreneurs need all the help they can get to avoid burnout.

And what’s a business actually worth, anyway, if it comes at the expense of your physical health? It might sound cliche, but the most valuable asset you’ll ever own…is you. Let’s dive deeper into how CBD could boost your health and help you win in life.

CBD vs. Stress

If all of our problems could be summed up and personified in one word, it’d be stress. Reaching out to new businesses can be stressful. Finding production partners can be stressful. Facing tight deadlines can be super stressful. Ultimately, stress can get in the way of you living as the best version of you.

There’s good news, though: CBD may be able to help. Studies spanning the past thirty years have shown it may tangibly reduce stress hormones like cortisol. [1][2] And customers walking the entrepreneurial path with CBD report the same.

Once stress is removed from the equation, good things happen! CBD may have you sleeping better, feeling better, and working better than ever before.

Is CBD a Nootropic?

In a word, yes! CBD may indeed be a nootropic agent. What’s that, you might ask?

A nootropic is defined as any substance used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. Common nootropics include caffeine, L-theanine, and ginseng. The thing is, these substances all have side effects. You can only drink so many cups of coffee before jitteriness kicks in and things become counterproductive.

CBD is different. Instead of acting on one or two isolated receptors, CBD’s gentle affinity to something called the endocannabinoid system means it may improve mental function without serious side effects.

Recent studies show CBD may even help the brain become more neuro-flexible and prevent it from forming fear-based memories. [3][4] Goodbye, fear of failure.

How CBD Could Sharpen Your Focus

At this point, you may be wondering what the best way to harness CBD’s power is.

The tried-and-true CBD tincture is a great choice. Then again, CBD gummies make dosing easier than ever with their perfectly quantized dose. The choice is up to you — it’s your body after all.

The tried-and-true CBD tincture is a great choice. Then again, CBD gummies make dosing easier than ever with their perfectly quantized dose. The choice is up to you — it’s your body after all.

Users of both product types report more focus and a quieter internal dialogue. All things that could help you get into your workflow!

CBD: A Catalyst for Love?

Just like the shortest point between two paths isn’t always a straight line, the best path to profitability isn’t always a focus on money. Ethical entrepreneurs have even more important motives on their mind, like a love for their customers and compassion for what they’re going through.

Belief it or not, this is yet another area where CBD could help. Some research shows CBD may help modulate oxytocin levels…and even play a role in social reward. [5] Why not bring theory to practice yourself by reaching out to new clients with your product or service?

It’s now 2020 — is there any better time to make a change? If you’re ready to find calm in the chaos that is modern entrepreneurship, consider CBD.

1. Best CBD Oil for Recovery

Gud Body Recovery Hemp Oil

Product Type: CBD Concentrate
Concentration:  25 mg Cannabidiol/Serving this 750 mg bottle. Avgs 30 Servings
Recommended Serving Size: A grain-of-rice-sized portion (used once or twice daily)
Available Sizes: 30 mL
Flavors: OrangePraised for its effectiveness and quality, the Gud Body Recovery Hemp Oil is our number-one rated bestseller. With no fillers and just pure orange delicious taste flavors, it’s a worthy winner of the Best CBD Oil for the Recovery Title.

2. Best CBD Oil for Wellness

Healthy Blend By Movida Oils

Product Type: CBD Concentrate
Concentration: 25 mg Cannabidiol/Serving this 750 mg bottle. Avgs 30 Servings
  • Full Dropper = 20 Drops = 10mg CBD
  • Half Dropper = 10 Drops = 5mg CBD
  • Quarter Dropper = 5 Drops = 2.5mg CBD
Available Sizes: 30 mL
Flavors: No FlavorThe Healthy Blend Tincture was created as a viable alternative to our 15mg Pure Crystalline Capsules and contains No THC. For those that either don’t want to or can’t swallow capsules, a full dropper of the Healthy Blend Tincture is roughly equal to a 15mg Crystalline Capsule… with the same effect. The Healthy Blend Tincture is very versatile. It can be used at either end of the day for general maintenance. But, the tincture bottles are also small enough to take with you… making it easy to “micro-dose” during the day on an as-needed basis.


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