Does CBD Work For Recovery?

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CBD is only getting more popular. It was fully legalized in 2018, touted as supplement of the year in 2019…and now, in 2020, it still shows no signs of slowing down.

CBD is known for a wide variety of health and wellness benefits, so it’s really no wonder. It’s like the supplement we didn’t know we needed! Whether you’re looking for a CBD oil for sleep or a CBD topical for joint pain, we can help.

But did you know that CBD could be perfect for boosting athletic recovery, too? It’s true! “CBD is a natural way for me to achieve high performance and attain the

recovery time I need,” says US Paralympic athlete Samantha Tucker. If CBD promotes recovery well enough for her, it’s probably good enough for you.

Sports trainers agree. Even UFC president Dana White said he thinks CBD could be great for helping athletes recover — from brain injuries. Once again, if CBD works for UFS fighters, then it’ll probably work for us! Athletes of all types report reduced inflammation, better cognitive function, and more energy.

It almost seems too good to be true…but because CBD works with one of the body’s most important physiological systems, it’s not.

The Best CBD Oil For Athletes

Have you been wanting to try CBD for recovery…but unsure of where to start? After all, there are a ton of CBD products to choose from these days. Edibles, topicals, capsules, creams, tinctures, oils, vape pens, et cetera — it can be tough to know where to start!

We’re here to help. After carefully searching and sifting through countless CBD brands, we’ve chosen only the best of the best. And one of the best CBD oils for athletic recovery is made by a very exciting California-based brand called GUD BODY.

If you enjoy the challenges of working out but not the slow recovery time after, GUD BODY’s special CBD oil blend could help.

It’s called RECOVER…and it’s been designed to transform your workout recovery routine. Breakthrough previous plateaus and become fitter than ever…starting today.

Based on our team’s experiences, we’re happy to report that it does exactly that. Common benefits include reduced delayed-onset-muscle-soreness (DOMS) and improved tolerance to training.

Why? Probably because this premium CBD oil is extracted from truly premium, 100% full spectrum hemp. It’s then purified and thoroughly lab-tested to ensure it contains <0.3% THC.

And RECOVERY is powerful, too. It contains 25 milligrams of premium cannabidiol (CBD) per serving to supercharge your health. The 30 servings this bottle contains means it will last you for a while.

Yet RECOVERY is also surprisingly affordable. Its 750 mg bottle costs under $70, meaning it falls below the industry standard of $0.10 per milligram. With GUDBODY, you can have your cake organic protein bar and eat it too.

Naturally maintain your health in the long run with GUD BODY’s athlete-specific CBD. But only if you’re ready to join the thousands of athletes who have already realized CBD’s power.

1. Best CBD Oil for Recovery

Gud Body Recovery Hemp Oil

Product Type: CBD Concentrate
Concentration:  25 mg Cannabidiol/Serving this 750 mg bottle. Avgs 30 Servings
Recommended Serving Size: A grain-of-rice-sized portion (used once or twice daily)
Available Sizes: 30 mL
Flavors: OrangePraised for its effectiveness and quality, the Gud Body Recovery Hemp Oil is our number-one rated bestseller. With no fillers and just pure orange delicious taste flavors, it’s a worthy winner of the Best CBD Oil for the Recovery Title.

2. Best CBD Oil for Wellness

Healthy Blend By Movida Oils

Product Type: CBD Concentrate
Concentration: 25 mg Cannabidiol/Serving this 750 mg bottle. Avgs 30 Servings
  • Full Dropper = 20 Drops = 10mg CBD
  • Half Dropper = 10 Drops = 5mg CBD
  • Quarter Dropper = 5 Drops = 2.5mg CBD
Available Sizes: 30 mL
Flavors: No FlavorThe Healthy Blend Tincture was created as a viable alternative to our 15mg Pure Crystalline Capsules and contains No THC. For those that either don’t want to or can’t swallow capsules, a full dropper of the Healthy Blend Tincture is roughly equal to a 15mg Crystalline Capsule… with the same effect. The Healthy Blend Tincture is very versatile. It can be used at either end of the day for general maintenance. But, the tincture bottles are also small enough to take with you… making it easy to “micro-dose” during the day on an as-needed basis.


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